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Hill End

The temperatures dropped down to near or at zero overnight and the doona held up its end of the bargain quite nicely. So aside from the usual hide your end under the doona get hot stick it back out again we weren’t cold which is always a positive. We did however wake up nice and early due to the oven like temperature of the camper as the direct sunlight onto the canvas did its job.

Valentines MineWe set about putting up the awning that we hadn’t done in the dark last night which should provide some relief from the sun tomorrow morning – not that we are complaining such is great means its going to be a great day for exploring.

With the awning up we had breaky and got our gear together for the days activities. We headed into the visitor centre for some maps and made plans to do the loop through hargraves, hill end, sofala, and lue.

We dropped at the red hill mining area and saw Valentine’s mine and the roasting pits which were very interesting, not much there but still interesting. Eastern ShinglebackOn the way to the roasting pits we saw a little eastern shingleback lizard laying on the road so we managed to coax him off the road and got a few pics – everytime i moved my feet in the gravel he would stick his tongue, however as i was moving i struggled to actually get a picture with his mouth open!

From there we made our way to the historic township of Hill End, where we explored the little streets and old buildings before a bite to eat for lunch.Hill End

Omg – the clouds were very sexy today and I spent the whole day trying to find vistas a) without power lines b) where there was actually somewhere to pull over … I wasn’t too successful unfortunately but I did manage a couple 🙂

From Hill End we we made our way to sofala. The roads were all pretty good with only a small section of well maintained gravel coming into Sofala. At Ilford we detoured slightly into Capertee – thanks to the advice of the lovely tourist centre man for a scenic lookout over the back of what I imagine must be the same or similar mountain range of the blue mountains.Capertee Lookout

From here we headed towards Lue hoping to spy a good sunset spot – to no avail.

Mudgee SunsetArriving back at camp we time for a quiet beer before heading out to find a local sunset point, meh the location we found was OK and the sunset about the same which was a bummer

Back at camp it was last nights ready to heat and eat spag bol which meant nice and easy dinner than chillax under the canvas 🙂

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