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Mudgee smudgee

Wow that’s pretty shameful we haven’t been out in the camper since we safely arrived back on the mainland from Tassie .. truly oh my that’s not good. Just as well we are fixing that issue this long weekend.

So in true fashion when you want to get away everything works against you. I unfortunately had to work till later than I had hoped meaning it was after half five before we hit the black pavement. But in saying that we were ready in what must be record time – in the door change, check we hav everything, check the house, throw the last.minute stuff in the car and trailer and in our way in half an hour .. pretty bloody good I reckon ! Thankfully we had been prepared and done a lot of prep work on the weekend and during the week – it certainly paid off.

Out on the black pavement it felt good to be heading away from the rat race for a few days. We had actually forgotten about the long weekend and with it being school holidays we didn’t run the risk of trying to score a national park camp so we booked in for some glamping at local caravan park .. well the loo is within 100m that’s glamping isn’t it !

It seems that no matter how many time the GPS has a clusterfck moment we never look at the itinerary until we have that moment .. that moment where you have taken the turn off and all looks good .. for a while than the roads narrow, the forests thicken and soon black pavement turns to gravel .. ah what the hell ! Seriously Newcastle to Mudgee its not rocket science, don’t get me wrong driving thru the narrow winding roads thru the national parks would be beautiful by day but not at half eight in the evening with kamikaze wombats doing their best to go splat.

All is good Thomas and Charlie love the gravel and they were decent enough roads that I don’t think it really took us that much longer anyway

We arrived into Mudgee with the temperature dipping into low single figures and the night getting away from, so even though we had heat up only required spag bol in the fridge we grabbed a quick KFC and headed for the park.

And the hits keep on rollin! We arrive at our campsite to find our neighbors trailer (not camper trailer thankfully) parked across it. We tracked them down and quick enough they relocated the trailer without drama and we drove Thomas on and we were set up.

Time to hit the hay and see what the morning brings.


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