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Giddy Up

A gorgeous Saturday morning for a lovely drive up in to the valley, to the heart land of country and rodeos’ in the valley – our destination Gresford Campdraft and Rodeo

Now I know that Rodeo’s are not everyones’ cup of tea and that many people have views about whether the animals should be used and potentially how they are treated, which is why I have chosen to not to post pics to my facebook page rather use this blog post and a link to my full Flickr set for those that are interested. As a side note – All cowboys, cowgirls and animals were able to walk away from each of the events.

We were presented with a full menu of riding, broncing, barrelling, undecorating and general country goodness along with some of the most gorgeous weather we have seen for some time.

There is something about rodeo’s that just completely draws me. My family is off the land so maybe its in my genes but I just love it

With a swag and I mean a swag load of Sundance shooters we spread out around the centre ring and set about capturing the highs and lows of a rodeo.

If you know anyone that was competing and would like any of my shots please get them to drop me an email.

(Full set of photos available on Flickr)

Copyrighted. All images and rights are reserved by Emma White / The Whiteview Photography. You are welcome to post via a direct link. Please do not crop, copy, reproduce or distribute in anyway without permission. If you would like to use any of my pictures – for personal or commercial usage – please contact me so that we can discuss what  options may best suit your needs. If you have any other questions, please drop me an email.


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