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My New Toy

I had been umming and arrhing about whether i should upgrade my camera body or not. The D90 has served me very well since upgrading from the D40x .. okay this is sounding like a buy a new camera every other week ! i don’t trust me πŸ™‚

The D90 was purchased back in 2010 and is still churning out some pretty good stuff, but i think its time to upgrade. The dilemma has been go the whole hog and get Full Frame or stay with a crop body. after much debate i decided to stay with crop, mainly for two reasons – the costs of going full frame and the compatibility of lenses. So in the end i opted for Nikons latest crop body the D7100, 24 beautiful megapixels and a few new functions to boot.

I had made the purchase a little while back and was waiting for it to come into stock and be shipped, whilst in Sydney for a few days work it arrived and was sitting patiently on the lounge waiting for me to come home, but alas it would have to wait a few days to get a proper workout – at the Jail πŸ™‚

Now i don’t know if it was the operator or the environment but my new baby had some behavioral issues at the jail that were somewhat amusing and somewhat not so amusing, most particularly its knack for shooting on its accord – hmmm

After agreeing to disagree on its behavioural issues i decided to give the baby one more outing, so Saturday swung around, the sun was out the ocean was calling so headed to it and cranked out some shots.

Much to my delight i was able to wrangle the behavioral issues and I have to say so far i am pretty happy with the shots coming out of it.

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