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Go To Jail, Do Not Pass Go

As you will have seen through the blog, the photography group that i shoot with does some pretty cool stuff and tonight was well definitely different !

Tonight we had free run of the old Maitland High Security Prison – at night !

I’ve been here previously in the daytime, and with my 9-5 day jobs i have been to a few other prisons around the place and yeah they aren’t exactly the most pleasant of places, which is i suppose the whole idea, however a prison at night, an old prison at night was something completely different.

The jail was first used in 1843 and in that same year two men were hanged in the prison. Executions were open to the public until 1861, and crowds were common. Hangings took place at the main gates and the back corner of the gaol. Sixteen men were executed at Maitland Gaol between 1849 and 1897, so as what usually goes with places like this there are plenty of tales of prisoners still haunting the buildings.

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