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With beautiful weather forecast and housework calling we decided to hit the road and take a lovely Sunday   drive down the coast to see what we could find.

Our first stop was the small but pretty Japanese Gardens of Gosford Regional Gallery on the Central Coast of NSW. The Gosford/Edogawa Commemorative Garden was a gift to the people of Gosford as a symbol of cultural exchange and friendship, by our Sister City, Edogawa, (near Tokyo in Japan).

The meandering path_DSC0057_1 (Small)ways lead to traditional Japanese features including, a Japanese teahouse, raked dry stone garden (Karesansui), stone lanterns and a pond filled with Koi fish. I imagine that when the trees start to flower it would be quite pretty in the garden

From the gardens we headed into Brisbane Water National Park to the Bulgandry Aboriginal Engravings sit_DSC0107_1 (Small)e. Bulgandry is actually the name given to the ancestral hero depicted at this site.

Bulgandry is wearing a headdress, holding a circular object in one hand (a shield?) and an elongated object in the other, while at his waist is a club or woomera. Close to him is an elongated object which may be a canoe, which is rarely seen in engravings. The third unusual object is a spider or octopus (in any case, it has eight legs) next to a kangaroo.

It’s a small but very_DSC0162_1 (Small) interesting site. Unfortunately during the middle of the day is not so good for photos (which are allowed).

From Bulgandry we headed to another section of the National Park to the Girrakool loop track, where we located some small but lovely waterfalls – a definite to go back to after some rains !


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