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Men and their Flying Machines

PowerboatsThe powerboats were in town this past weekend, and when i say powerboats i mean the big boys – the offshore powerboats. They are big, powerful, fast and noisy, everything motorsport is supposed to be.

Australia is the world’s largest exporter of coal and Newcastle is one of  the world’s largest coal export ports. Other bulk cargoes include grains, vegetable oils, alumina, fertiliser and  ore concentrates. Newcastle Harbour in my opinion is probably almost one of kind. It is surrounded on three sides by suburbs and is clearly a very busy working harbour, but not just for shipping exports, it is also home to a small commercial fishing fleet, an active yachting and pleasure craft community and public transport in the form of the ferry. All of these activities co-exist with ships up to the massive panama size moving in and out of the port a regular basis everyday.

On top of all this it is also an event ‘playground’. So on weekends like this past one shipping movements are structured to allow the shipping channel to be cleared, and the powerboats take ownership of the harbour, all almost within grasp of  locals and tourists. It can truly be a spectacular sight, i think one that we sometimes take for granted.

Watching the teams move the boats from their trailers to the water was quite a feat in its self as can be seen from the photos –



Saturday was the inaugural Kilo – a speed race over 1Km. This is full throttle, pedal to the medal, no trophies for second place. The course was entirely within the Kiloharbour and the harbour was flat, the wind was pretty minimal and the weather was a delight, all in all a pretty good recipe for fast speeds i would imagine.

Sunday was Round 1 of the Australian Championships. Two races, 30 minutes and 40 minutes. Today i was out shooting with the sundance crew hanging off the harbour breakwall trying to get as close as we (safely) could 🙂 _DSC7514_1 FB

Unfortunately one of the boats flipped in Race 2 – the Dodge team – both drivers got out quickly and were not injured, however this meant that the race was abandoned.

Here are some shots from the day – i am quite happy with them as i haven’t really had a chance to practice my ‘panning’ before, or probably more to the point really had any idea of the ‘correct’ technique and settings.

Powerboats Powerboats

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