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7 Sunrises in 7 Days

Out went 2012 and in came 2013.

So how does one welcome in the new year? Well in true Sundancer style – with a crazy challenge of course – 7 sunrises in 7 days was the challenge. Sounds a little crazy and a little cool particularly at the beginning. trust me by day 7 its no longer cool or funny, particularly for those of that were working a full-time job – unfortunately like myself. So each morning i would drag my butt out of bed – and for those that know me, they know i am far more partial to evenings then i am to mornings!!! – head to shoot my sunrise and then head into work for a full days work. I think by the end of the week the girls at work weren’t sure if they were more worried about their health and safety or my own, they certainly couldn’t believe that i was taking on a morning challenge let alone 7 in a row!

The challenge had been set by “Pom”, that we would shoot a sunrise each day for 7 days straight and that each day we would shoot in a different location. The weather, well it certainly was pathetic but it also didn’t deliver any spectacular sunrises for us unfortunately, it was either no cloud at all or plenty of cloud.

The Locations and a photo from each day are as follows:

Day 1 – Susan Gilmore Beach, Newcastle.

Susan GIlmore

Day 2 – Dudley Beach, south of Newcastle.

Dudley Beach

Day 3 – Merewether Ocean Baths


Day 4 – Marmong Point, Lake Macquarie

Marmong Point

Day 5 – Bogey Hole, Newcastle

Bogey Hole

Day 6 – Redhead Beach, south of Newcastle


Day 7 – Chalky Beach, south of Newcastle.

Chalky Beach

So as you can see we had some good variety – beaches, lake, lake, ocean pool. and as with all good Sundance events there is a breakfast location allocated, so soothe the pain of the early morning rise. I think the harder challenge ended up being not having bacon and eggs for breaky each morning πŸ™‚

One thing we did learn – do not attempt this starting on a Saturday, as your last day is Friday and oh my goodness was it a loooooong Friday !!! definitely best to start on a Monday so come Sunday you can shoot, drive home fall back into bed and sleeeeeep the day away πŸ™‚

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