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Devil of a time

This Wombat Hwymorning we felt like a Mac truck may have breezed over us during the night, stiff body parts pretty much everywhere! However we pushed on and headed back up to the mountain for a few more walks but in a lot smaller and easier scale today.Crater Falls

We walked the crater falls and crater lake tracks before scooting back to check that cradle mountain hadn’t disappeared overnight πŸ™‚ before heading off to check out the Devils@Cradle facility, a privately owned and run Tasmanian Devil breeding facility fully regulated and approved by the government for devil breeding in Australia. The facilities are monitored and all animals are chipped and breed lines all detailed in a national register to try and make sure they maintain as many different breed lines as possible until – hopefully – a cure or treatment can be found for the devastating facial tumors that has seen their numbers decline by approximately 120,000 in the past 10 years and now sees them in the critically endangered list πŸ™

They are plucky little things screeching and biting at each other as a show of strength but not actually intended to fight or harm. They have dog like features and actions yet at times look like baby bears, particularly when they climb, yet mind you they suk at this and it is quite humerus to watch this obviously non climbing animal try to climb trees. We spent quite a bit of time here and joined the ranger tour which was very informativeDevile and we even got to oat little Aussie, a hand reared devil, they are much softer than you expect and kinda cure in a ferocious harmless kind of way
After the devils we decided to head back to the boat shed to see what sunset might eventuate. It was much cooler andΒ  breezier by the lake today and as such the reflections were nowhere to be seen. There was also a big black cloud closing in and out of the too if the mountain, so yesterdays shits will certainly be the pick of the bunch I think.


When the sunset was done we had a quick look along the wombat hwy – the start of the Overland track is prime wombat territory. With the light quickly diminishing we managed to spot one little fellow a

nd then several more along the road on the drive out, we also saw a little eastern quill which was pretty special as these guys are also considered pretty endangered and due to their size can be very difficult to spot.


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