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Canyon Outlook

Had a lazy morning as the park owners were just lovely and said not to rush packing up so it was nice and relaxed, that’s what we like. So easy we took it, everything clean and dry. I think without even discussing it we were both on the same wavelength … time for a warm cabin and no worrying about a wet pack up tonight in Devonport, so Thomas got extra cleaned and dry 🙂

Having finished packing up we headed towards Devonport and back to the park we stayed at the first night and got ourselves a nice cosy cabin 🙂 🙂

We then hit the road hoping to see the Gunns plains cave a little north of Devonport. When we arrived the next tour was about an hour away so we decided to come back tomorrow and head off to leven canyon, where the river runs through 300-metre (980 ft) limestone cliffs carved through the Loongana Range, down to Bass Strait.

Leven canyon is pretty cool, a massive canyon winding its way around the base of mountain, with two decent overlooks. The water must really roar through here during floods. I think its safe to say that our legs have hit the ‘enough’ stage of so many ‘ups’ on our little walking jaunts! So it was time to head back and enjoy a nice warm room for the night. I think we may have almost cooked ourselves with the lovely gas fire heater that was in the room 🙂


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