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Cradle Mountain

WOW what a day! we started the day off with another fry up to give us some food in our bellies for the walking we were pretty sure we would be doing.

we arrived at the Cradle and Dove Lakemountain only to find out that in our somewhat disarrayed morning for whatever reason we had managed to leave the backpack back in the tent – Uh Oh !!!! for whatever reason rather then everything going in the pack as usual i had taken our food, clothing and gear to the car in bits and bobs so luckily for us we still had everything we needed, well everything but a backpack. so the trusty camera bag was unpacked and re stuffed with clothes, food drinks and finally my camera gear along with the trusty new york satchel then we were off.

It was almost a perfect day – sunshine, no rain, with a little bit of  cloud and a big fire burning somewhere down the valley. Our first view of the mountain and dove lake was almost perfectTashs friend

we started the day off with a nice leisurely stroll around dove lake along some lovely platforms and formed paths with plenty of different views of the cradle. Tash even found a friend at one of the rest stop areas.

then we decided to do Marions Lookout and go down via the ridge to Wombat pool and back to the car park. at the turn off we were greeted with steep rocky terrain – oh great! and true to form it was steep and rocky but little did we know this was just the beginning! after the vertical rocky climb we were greeted with this Steps but again this was not the worst of it .. next trick please – oh goody chains, several of them weaving their way up a steeper incline.


Then as we thought that we had reached the peak we realised there was still more to go. this piece of track was a piece of cake compared to the rest and certainly worth the effort. we sat and rested for a little while and had some munchies, but the cool air sweeping across the top got us up and moving again quite quickly, but it was certainly some view to stop and take it all in at.

Of course, what goes up must come down …..

the view upthe view down

We then made our way along the ridge with crater lake to our left and dove lake to our right, a massive fire in front and a few more ups and downs before we reached the boatshed. if you have seen a picture of cradle mountain then it is likely that you have seen this boatshed, i would say it could be the most photographed boatshed in the country possibly the world. we were lucky enough to have arrived before the sun had dipped behind the mountain to capture a few lovely pictures of the old boatshed with cradle in the background.

The boat shed

we stayed to watch some of the last light hitting the mountain before heading back to the car and down the mountain for some much needed food and rest but not before we managed to see this little man by the side of the road.



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  1. Superb photos of the lake and so nice to see a wombat too

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