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Dirt Road Highways

Time to move on from Launceston and head towards Cradle Mountain – yay 🙂 we had called ahead to see what sites were available up on the mountain and unfortunately no powered sites were left 🙁 given its our first trip in the trailer although we have power we just aren’t sure what our usage is and what our battery power supply is and with the cold we weren’t going to risk it for 3.5 days, so we opted to stay down the mountain a little at the foot of Mt Roland at a lovely little place called Gowrie Park, but i am getting ahead of myself here.

after packing up in Launceston we hit the roads and had decided to visit the well known and photographed Liffey Falls, only a small diversion from our route to Gowrie Park. given that we were towing i had Googled the falls and Parks TAS advise caravan access to the lower falls car park – sweet no dramas with Thomas then. so then it was time to plug in the destination to the GPS – named Jessica for her voice that actually isn’t Jessica but for whatever reason thats what she gets called. a number of options came up we and opted to go for the middle ground route. Now i should point out that Jessica has a few issues distinguishing between actual roads and well 4wd gravel forestry or back country roads, today was one of those days! things were going fine then we hit the gravel and the estimated distance left was still about 40 kms .. hmmm okay so far so good the road was wide pretty well kept no dramas. then we hit the sign caution steep, slippery climb – oh joys and its wet even better. so poor ole Charlie pulled his little heart up this vertical slippery muddy climb keeping Thomas nice and steady on the road only to be greeted not to far down the road with the park sign – light vehicles only narrow windy road. oh well good im glad what we had been on wasn’t designated light vehicle only and narrow and windy. so we hesitantly kept moving forward until we saw what appeared to be a disused forestry road with a wide entry, we pulled over reversed Thomas back and unhitched, secured him up and hoped like hell that he would still be there when we got back. thankfully we did because the road really was suitable for towing. So by now i am cursing Parks TAS and wondering just what the hell they were thinking saying caravan accessLiffey Falls

We arrived at the carpark and headed off to the falls on yet another what goes down must come UP :’-) the falls are pretty spectacular and well worth the walk, however along the way we did discover a sign that stated – lower falls car park 40 mins – pointing in a direction away from where we had come. Hmmm that might explain a few things – doh.

we got back to Thomas who was in one piece re-hitched and headed off, keeping an eye out for the signs to lower falls car park – yep not one, good work Parks TAS!!!

so with that adventure out of the way we arrived at Gowrie Park a little i want to say ‘jet lagged’ which clearly we weren’t, so after what seemed like an eternity we finally got the camper up and sorted and decided to just sit and enjoy the last few rays of sunshine and do absolutely nothing.


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