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Mines and Cataracts

another dry nite and to celebrate, well no not really just more a hankering for something other than coco pops for breaky, we cooked up a nice big fry up for breaky – bacon, eggs, sausages and little pancakes, even made our own version of Canadian breakfast stack using that yummy bridestowe lavender flower honey we bought – yum yum yum

with full bellies, we headedBeaconsfield Mine north to Beaconsfield to the mine. the display, memorial and tribute to both Brent and Todd and obviously Larry too but all those involved in the tragic and amazing rescue in 2006 is really quite fascinating. (In April 2006 a minor earthquake shook the mine and caused a collapse, three men were trapped underground, one died and two Brent and Todd were freed about two weeks later, miraculously with fairly minor injuries).

from the mine we headed back towards town but not before visiting what can only be said as a tourist hype – the Batman Bridge! located on the Batman hwy named after someone with last name batman not for any other reason, but i bet everyone that drives near there is like “oh we have to go see the batman bridge”.

Batman Bridge

from batman we hit Cataract Gorge, a premier attraction in the city of Launceston. it is a river gorge at the lower end of the South Esk river and features a lovely suspension bridge, chair lift, walking trails, picnic area and even a swimming pool. its been around since approximately the 1890’s. we had lunch here and then walked some of the trails before heading upstream to what is known as Duck Reach, due to the Duck Reach Power Station that was located up there. it was the first publicly owned hydro-power plant in the southern hCataract Gorge Bridgeemisphere and was built around 1895. massive floods in 1929 washed away the majority of the plant buildings and it was rebuilt only to be decommissioned around 1955. the gorge area is just beautiful and to be so close to the city its just amazing. apparently they can even white water kayak in it at times!

Duck Reach Bridge

we left the gorge and went for a stroll/drive around the city, being late sunday afternoon very little was open but we were still able to see many of the restored and well looked after Victorian and Georgian era buildings that are dotted throughout the city centre. we even found the brewery – up here in the north its Boags!!! word has it back a few years if you were to mention or dare ask for Cascade beer up here in the north, you may have been in need of dentist, now it appears there is some harmony between the two brewers with both sold openly in some establishments. Did you know that launceston is home to several firsts? such as – the first use of anaesthetic in the Southern Hemisphere, the first Australian city to have underground sewers and the first Australian city to be lit by hydroelectricity.

Launceston Buildings

with our fill of beautiful buildings and the sun dipping behind the mountains it was time to head back to camp for the night.


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