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Pigs and beer

A quick reasonably dry pack up this morning and we were hitting the road to Launceston. Not to long into the trip the rain started and settled in. I don’t think that we have managed to drive a mountain pass this trip without it being wet πŸ™ this one was made more interesting by the lovely almost white out on top of the pass where we could barely see the front of the car let alone the road :-/ thankfully that didn’t stay around to long and we taking the side track to St Columba falls, which once again thanks to the rain was flowing quite nicely. The falls drop about 90 meters and there certainly seems to be some contention as to whether St Columba falls or ralphs falls has the highest single drop in terms of waterfalls here in Tassie – sSt Columba Fallsorry for the ordinary pics the weather was pretty ordinary and the fog made it very hazy!!

Columba Falls

After taking some piccies of the falls and the beautiful ferns that are seriously on roids in this rainforests. Talk about tree ferns these things literally have massive trunks like a tree and grow like them to – they are truly spectacular.

From the falls we happen to drive past a pub in a paddock, funnily enough its called Pub in the Paddock. Given it was almost lunchtime – what good timing for us and the crappy weather we decided a nice pub meal in doors was just what the Dr would order πŸ™‚ the pub is actually pretty famous around these parts not just for its history and hospitality but for the beer swilling pig. Yes that’s right a beer drinking pig, and let me tell you Priscella the pig would match even Bob Hawke in a boat race. The kids were giving her a stubby and she downed it quicker then you could fire off a photo, this was after it appeared she had already had her fill of beer and was happily snoozing away in her hut until dad rattled the other stubby bottles in the bin – talk about move, well in pig terms anyway πŸ™‚

so with Priscella booBridestowe Lavendarzed up we hit the road again, this time something a little more cultured on the agenda, the amazing BridestoweΒ  lavender farm, which being April was in the planting, re planting cycle so very few flowers were out but the hills still look amazing with the contoured planting. We might have purchased a few lovely smelling goodies here and some Bridestowe lavender flower honey … mmm can’t wait to taste that!

From here it was onto Launceston our final destination for today. After setting up we headed off to do the dreaded grocery shopping, yep even on holidays you can’t get away from the bl**dy shopping πŸ™ but its okay we saved our souls by stocking up on alcohol πŸ™‚


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