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Gravel roads

Well we almost didn’t have a blue day, woke up to rain at about 5am but thankfully the next time we woke its was again due to the heat of the sun warming the tent 🙂

Today we headeEddystone Beachd off to Bay of Fires, starting at the gardens and finding our way back to Binnalong bay at the southern end of the Bay of Fires. The Bay of Fires extends from Binnalong in the south to the Eddystone in the north (where we were yesterday) and was given the name Bay Orange Fire Rocksof Fires by the early explorers who saw the fires of the Aboriginal people along the shoreline. This area is famous for its picture perfect postcard landscapes of blue seas, white beaches and the burnt orange rocks caused by a lichen on the orange-hued granite.

Clear Waters

We spent the day exploring the north and south side of Georges bay which the city of St Helens sits alongside, exploring along every gravel road in between finding wonderful, little nooks and bays and even some lovely big sand dunes but alas no off road driving allowed, besides they are too beautiful to drive all over.

Peron Dunes

The sun stayed out all day, we walked our tired little peg legs off again and I think if I said me no like uphill one more time I may have been buried alive! But just being outdoors in the glorious sunshine looking at the water is enough to make all the walking worth while.

Sunset over Georges bay

With tired little legs we headed to the park for a short sit down before heading back to hopefully capture a sunset. It wasn’t great but at least there was some colour and wee bit of cloud to the west. Then it was back to camp for the night before moving on again tomorrow.


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