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Blue Blue Blue

YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!! finally we had a whole day of blue sky and sunshine. think i might just stop there!!! that is all nothing more to say!!

just kiddin 🙂

today we woke up in Bicheno to blue sky and a warm dry tent which we hastily packed up in case the weather changed and hit the road. it was a pretty hard day we drove alllll the way to St Helens, mm about an hour away :-).Eddystone lighthouse i think we have caught the grey nomad disease of not wanting to move to far to quick !!! Back up went the tent and back on the road we went, heading north north north not all the way but pretty far north on the east coast to Eddystone Point in the Mt William national park. the park is an important area for the conservation of Tasmania’s coastal heathlands and dry sclerophyll plants, which i am quite sure i would have learnt about them in geography but haven’t the foggiest what they are, but it certainly is beautiful so i say keep on conserving. the park is reasonably remote and is about 40 odd km of gravel to get into the lighthouse and beaches but soooooRed Rocks worth it.

being so remote we almost had the whole area to ourselves, other than about 4 others and a group of hikers all of which we saw for about 5 minutes – this is my kinda place. we wandered around Eddystone Point, the lighthouse, red rocks and the surrounding bays  for a little while enjoying the serenity and peacefulness of it all. all the postcards and photos that you have seen of this area are exactly what it looks like, the striking orange colours of the rocks, the crystal clear waters, the perfect white beaches – this is paradise untouched.

we then headed back down the track and walked onto the beach where oh my gooAbbotsbury beachdness the sand here is soo so fine its almost like flour or powder its amazing. apparently its due to the way that granite – which there are wonderful big boulders of everywhere – breaks down. it is also amazingly white too, the waters are as clear as clear can be, so much so that less than 3m from shore you can see the fish feeding freely through the top of the waves. we were now chasing sunset hoping to get back to Binnalong Bay but with a gravel road and dusk setting it now was no time to rush too much! we saw lots more little wallabies trying their luck at crossing the road and even saw a fat little wombat waddle his way off the road 🙂

we caught up with sunseSunsett – mm not sure thats possible but we caught a spot where we could see the sunset and took a few snaps then headed back to the park, where the temps had started to drop and it was quite fresh, fresher then its a been for awhile which seems a little strange but who knows with us the weather has gone completely balmy. we have now met two other couples for have been traveling for almost the same amount of time and they have had perfect weather – even the lady on the reception couldn’t believe the weather we had had in wineglass bay .. soooo frustrating.



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