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Stair master

Oh what a blissful morning awoken by the heat of the sun penetrating the canvas .. yay finally we have somewhat dry canvas and a nice day to look forward to.

We head off back down the road a little towards Freycinet NP and what’s that, oh you are freaking kidding me – rain seriously! We have just been listening to the man from the bureau telling us small southerly change very small chance of rain on east coast – anyone reading this from CPSU tell Mon her forecasters need more training .. arghhhhhh.

Freycinet NP is bordered by the cosy little hamlet of Coles Bay and the mighty Hazards, several 300m high pink granite outcrops. The work itself is named after a French explorer and along with Mt Field is the oldest NP on Tassie.

By the time we arrived at the park the rain had subsided and left gloomy clouds everywhere but at least it was barely only sprinklingWineglass Bay now. So wet weather gear packed in our pack and plenty of water we headed for the dreaded hill. The walk to wineglass bay is not an easy one a 30-45 minute uphill slug to the lookout then a good 30 minute descent to the beach. So we got to the lookout and took some pics, seriously I think I should ask for a promo project job with Tassie tourism .. hey look if it looks this okay with this crap weather imagine what it would be like with great weather , come see for yourself. Yeah ok really not that catchy, think I have been listening to a certain Mrs McLean trying to sell her home baked goodies at work for too long 🙂

Even with the rubbish weather we decided to trek over the otherwise of the ridge down to the bay. The walk down was pretty publishing on the old knees and ankles, rocky steps the whole way and we worked out pretty quick the return trip was going to be a while new story!

With the gloomy clouds hanging you can still see the beauty of this place and why it is seriously one of those picture postcards places. We sat on the sand and ate some snacks, Tash deWineglass baycided to see his the cold the water really was after watching a group of families with their little ones running in and out of the water – it was difficult to know of they screaming from the cold water or the little shore dumpers 🙂

Judging by her ninja actions as the water washed over her feet I gather the water was pretty darn cool 🙂 . By now the weather as really starting to set in and it was time to hit the track back. OMG staircase from hell that never ends is what that return track is, if I can move tomorrow I am going to consider it a bonus! Wet cold, and dying we made it back to charlie in one piece. We decided pretty early on that the wet weather jackets were only to make us as wet and steamy with them on then without so opted to leave the, in the pack!

We headed off to cape tourville to check out the lighthouse and view or what there would be of a view as the rain really seemed to have settled in by now. The view was pretty good and one cThe Hazardsan only imagine how magic it would be on a clear sunny day!

By this time we were both pretty wet and cold and had had enough so we headed back to town stopped at the bakery for some fresh rolls to have with our late lunch/afternoon tea soup and a cuppa.

For now the rain has again eased off and hopefully we get another fine morning for pack up


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  1. Judging from the photos I can definitely believe that the water was freezing!!! Hope the weather stays drier for you on your next outing, but still sounds like you had a great day!

  2. thanks 🙂 weather today is much better, and yes even with the weather is average its still a good day when you are traveling !

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