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Wet wet wet

So we thought yesterday waking it was another bad dream with the rain having returned, well today topped it nice and proper. Torrential rain all night meant we were soaked inside and outside 🙁 there were puddles big enough to lose your ankles in and they were lapping at the seams and coming through the seams – mmmm yep not too happy bout that one, especially when the canvas has already been ‘seasoned’ several times and should have sealed by now. So let’s just say with rain and mud everywhere we packed up and Thomas is gunna need one hell of a clean when he gets baDunalley firesck to the mainland!!!!

Thankfully the park amenities were lovely, even with electric timed 5 minute showers, so we were able to shower and change before heading off, but not before the bl**dy sun came out after we were finished.

We drove from port Arthur back north through Dunalley and the fires and through Sorell and then started our turn eastwards for the east coast. We stopped at spikey bridge which surprisingly enough is named for the fact that it has stoney spikes all over the top of it 🙂

It was then a short distance before we arrived in Bicheno just to the north of the beautiful Freycinet peninsula. Thankfully the sun had held off the threatening clouds all day and was still shining when we pulled into the park. Then it was mission dry zone. Everything and everyone out of the trailer and car and into the sun to try and dry off. Awnings out and up and hopefully the rain will stay away for 24 hrs so we can have some Spikey Bridgereasonably dry canvas to sleep under.

Once all the drying and cleaning was sorted as best we could we headed across the road and down the street a little to see if the sunset would be kind for us. In the end it wasn’t bad so hopefully I got a couple of recent pics from it.

We sat outside  for dinner tonight which was a nice change but the cool night air has snuck back in and with the canvas still wet the dew is hanging around like a bad unwanted smell, hopefully with the sunshine tomorrow we will be back to some sort of reasonable dryness.


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