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To market to market

Today is Saturday and in Hobart that means its market day – Salamanca markets that is, held in the Salamanca square surrounded by beautiful sandstone buildings and the harbour docks.

we wandered arounSalamanca Marketsd, and without making it sound dull and boring, markets really are markets no matter where you go, obviously the products change depending on the local vendors but the essentials are the same, fruit, vege, arts, crafts, food stalls and nik naks. they are interesting places for people watching but also to get a sense of  where you are – Salamanca there are lots of honey, Huon Pine, apples, pears and general fruit and vege stores along with a good number of above average photographers with above averageConstitution Dock shots of this beautiful island – oh boy imagine having this island as your playground for the camera – amazing !!

from the market we headed around the docks past constitution harbour of course famously known as the finishing place for the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. I’ve got to say i imagined this grand harbour with grand buildings, not the quite small and well under-whelming dock that it is, but i guess its the boats and sailors that take centre stage not the dock after all 🙂

we wandered around thOld Buildingse city a little more, there are certainly some stunning old buildings around the city. we were pretty much full of sandstone buildings for one day and from the city we could see that mt Wellington was clear so decided to take a second shot at the ole girl, but first we headed to Mt Nelson signal station – The Signal Station wSignal Stationas built in 1811 to announce the appearance of boats in Storm Bay. from mt nelson we headed back to mt wellington where we finally managed a somewhat clear view of the city, bays and valleys.

we had decided not to head to port Arthur tonight, so we gave charlie a long overdue wash, did the groceries to restock the fridge and refueled – all ready to hit the road with Thomas again tomorrow.

Mt Wellington


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