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Beer and clouds

today we intended to climb high, as high as you can in Hobart anyway :-). we were headed fCascade Breweryor Mt Wellington, which rises 1,271 metres above the capital and it is not unusual for it to be covered in cloud and snow, today was no different well the cloud part anyway! i should have known yesterday when we drove past and it was cloud free that it was calling to us to climb but alas the south had our calling yesterday so today we had cloud, mind you the only bl**dy cloud in the sky was smack bang over the top of Wellie. so we decided at the last minute to follow the brown sign that said “Cascade” :-), yep in Hobart that could only mean one thing – Cascade Brewery. Once again we just missed the 11am session, the next session was booked out and we weren’t really sure that we wanted to be tied down to an afternoon session so we made a booking for tomorrow instead and up the hill we went into the cloud.

the view from the top was spectacular – no not really it was a bl*dy whiteout, but the first lookout did provide spectacular vMt Wellingtoniews of the city, waters and surrounding valleys. i think this now makes two out of two for me on top of Wellie of it being a whiteout, maybe one  day i will get a clear day !

just as we were descending cascade rang to confirm the Saturday booking and we inquired about the late session for the day and were successful in getting some spots in that session, so down the hill we headed and back to the brewery we headed. it seriously has to be the one of if not the most spectacular brewery facade in the country and possibly the world.Bottling at the brewery

the tour was quite cool, took us through the whole process from barley to worting, to fermenting, to lagering and then onto bottling which they are able to do at about 1200 bottles a minute but apparently on the mainland there is a brewery that does like 7000 per second !!! it was very interestingBotanic Gardensg indeed and the sampling at the end well that was you know ok 🙂

full re-hydrated we headed back through the city to the Cenotaph which has some great views back across the city with Wellie dominating the skyline. with the botanic gardens literally up the road we decided to take  a stroll through them to end the day off and they are pretty decent gardens at that and set out on a seriously large tract of land.


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