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Deep in the South

Today we headed south, deep south to lands end, travelling through Huon country and along the Huon River, which equals apple and pear growing country and lots of little bays and coves. The Huon River and the nearby d’Entrecasteaux Channel are popular fishing and boating areas. The Channel is sheltered from the wrath of the Southern Ocean by the bulk of Bruny Island to the east. All along the coves and bays are little boats, biggerLands End boats and cute little wooden boats.

we travelled south the furthest one can go in Australia and let me tell you this place is awesome, sandy beaches, forests, coves and bays, gravel roads and tracks that appear to just disappear into the wilderness – but this might be one of those littlAirwalk Suspension Bridgee places we keep quiet on, except for those die hard campers who who we might give it away too 🙂

we lunched at lands end and enjoyed the sunshine we hadnt seen a lot of since arriving on the island, bit of course the clouds soon came over and the cool breeze was enough to get us moving again and wandering around a little, then unfortunately it was time to head back north again to maybe explore Hastings cave but the ultimate end point was the tahune air walk.

we popped by the cave and had just missed the 2pm session and really didn’t want to hang around for the 3pm so we decided to skip the caves and headAirwalk cantilevered straight for the air walk.

we arrived at the airwalk which is a tree-top walkway with suspension bridges and a cantilevered aerial walkway that provides incredible views over the canopy of the forest and over the Huon and Picton Rivers. the walks through the ole regrowth forests are extremely pretty and the view from the cantilever is spectacular where you are about 45 meters up in the air and being able to view these monsters essentially eye to eye is certainly something very different. suspension bridges are always fun so that walk was lots of fun and the kids ahead of us were certainly enjoying bouncing mum and dad from one end to the other!


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