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Another night of rain and wind although much much, less than the previous couple. We had a lazy start with a nice sleep in given that we weren’t packing up and moving on which was nice.

We headed into the national park where we have been camping to check out some waterfalls and lake Dobson up in the alpine area.

Mount Field National Park was founded in 1916, making it, along with Freycinet National Park, Tasmania’s oldest national park. The area around Russell Falls has been protected for its natural beauty since 1885, when it was set aside as Tasmania’s first nature reserve. The landscape ranges from eucalyptus tRussell Fallsemperate rainforest to alpine moorland, rising to 1,434 metres (4,705 ft) at the summit of Mount Field West.

We certainly got our quota of fresh air and exercise today, walking to the three falls which were flowing quite nicely. The forest, rainforests in here are just beautiful, big towering swamp gums and huge tree ferns. Don’t worry about fern gully the movie this place is the real deal.

For those interested the walks are pretty decent, well marked tracks, bit muddy and slippery when wet but solid under foot. lady baron and horseshoe are definitely more difficult than Russell. Horseshoe includes approx 200 steps (one way) plus an incline climb, although you can do Russell and horseshoe in a loop then drive up lake Dobson to lady baron, which we opted to do as we were going all the way up lake Dobson. the full loop – visitor centre, russell, horseshoe and lady back to visitor center – is approx 3-4 hrs i think and altogether would be a reasonably difficult walk due to terrain and steps (and length). Lady baron is a bit up and down and if done in the one loop with Russell and Horseshoe has an additional 200+ on the way back to the visitor centre otherwise the steps in and out aren’t that many (dont think we counted them).

After our walks to the waterfalls we headed up the travel road to the alpine ski area of my field – lake Dobson. Oh boy was it fresh! Just before we hit the end of the road it started sleeting and charlie started beeping and on like what the hell this is ridiculous. Yep charlie has a snow/ice warning when the temp gets too low which may indicate icy roads – pretty nifty really except its April and 3.30 in the afternoon and we weren’t looking for ice or snow or sleet! It was fleeting but the icy winds blowing thLarke Dobsone area meant we took a mad dash around the edge of the lake where the beautiful alpine gums where showing off their colours very smartly and then back to the car and back to camp where it had warmed up considerably – it was 8 degrees.

We sat back and watched the Bennett wallabies poke about, the little wrens flutter all through the trees whilst the sun started to dip behind the mountain, with dinner cooking on the gas stove.

Once the sun was down and the stars were out – yes finally the skies hadAlpine Gums cleared, we walked back into the forest, and use with those evil looking eyes of multiple groups of possums staring is down it felt a little wolf creek like, but all was good we were just off to see the glow worms, which were pretty cool, if not a little freaky walking in the forest in the pitch dark.

When we got back to camp the stars and milky way were so clear, I luv the night sky of the bush I can sit and stare all night long and never be bored, and who should walk along but our little mate Milton from Devonport and his dad. We thought we had seen them pull in earlier but weren’t sure :-). He was pretty impressed with the glow worms and wasn’t scared at all – mum and sister not so much they stayed in the camper lol.

Well time for a cuppa and shower and hope the little spots we hear on the roof clear off and give us a dry pack up tomorrow.


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  1. I find that I always return a lot fitter from a holiday or adventure than when I started!! Sounds like you are doing quite a lot of walking! Thanks for following my journey. Will be on the lookout for your next post about this adventure you are on!

    1. I know! We are exactly the same always fitter n trimmer from holidays and yes some serious walking involved, this place is to spectacular to miss by just driving on by 🙂 .. loving your blog sooo wish we could work n travel 🙂

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