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The Nut

With the winds blowing and the sky clear we packed up Thomas and headed west along the very rugged and beautiful coastline towards Bernie. Its a pity the road was so narrow with no pull-offs as the water looked divine, soTable Cape clear and blue. We got to the park and parked Thomas nice and safe and headed up further along the coastline, to table cape at Wynyard and then The Nut at Stanley. The waters are soooo clear its like a tropical island postcard, in parts it reminds of NZ near Kaikoura or the PCH in California, with clear waters, rugged rocks and the train line running along the sand edge.

The view at table cape was too good to resist and the weather was holding out we took the opportunity to have a bite to eat. Table Cape is an extinct volcano with views inland along the north coast and out to Bass Strait. The Lighthouse was commissioned in 1888 and was manned by three keepers until 1920 when it waThe Nuts automated.

there appears to be a pattern forming with the weather, in the morning it is clear as can be then in rolls the cloud and rain, and then the sun and back and forth, with the temps dropping overnight.

from table cape we kept heading west along the north coastline until we hit Stanley, where the most distinctive landmark  is The Nut, an old volcanic plug discovered by the explorers Bass and Flinders in 1798, who named it Circular Head. It has steep sides and rises to 143 metres with a flat top. Being Good Friday and all, pretty much all the shops and activities are cGuide Fallslosed – hmmm interesting for tourist towns, including the wonderful chair lift at the Nut. So as the signs said why ride when you can walk, okay maybe it said why walk when you can ride but we didn’t have a choice, so up the almost vertical 500m path to the top, butts, legs and chests burning –this holiday caper isn’t supposed to be this hard – good rehab so they say, all this fresh air and stuff!!!! We then followed the loop around the top and spotted some little fury hopping and jumping animals and some cute little butterflies and blue wrens along with a 360 degree amazing view.

It was getting late so headed back towards the park vSunset at Bernieia Guide Falls near Ridgley which when really flowing would be something pretty special.

The sun was starting to set and it looked like it might be alright so we set the camper up in record time and walked, yep walked across the road to the beach and there it was a reasonably decent sunset complete with lovely low tide water reflections = happy little snapper.


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  1. The picture of “Circular Head” makes me think of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South-Africa! You were quite brave to walk to the top, don’t think I would have made it!

    1. Yes it is similar to table mountain although table mt is supremely more spectacular and a much harder walk , this one short n steep and certainly showed our lack of fitness 🙂

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