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Fish feeding or not

Today we left Albury behind, but before we could it was a trip to the local RTA or RMS or whatever its called now, to replace our eTag that decided to kark it, so hopefully now with a new tag on our account and Charlie’s ID assigned to it our little etag passes won’t cost us a million dollars when we get home.

There was a definite change in the scenery heading south, the land is so dry and as far as the eye can see its dry dry dry and the grass looks like it could cut through wood its sooo dry. Then we left the country and hit the big smoke, round the ring road, along Tullamarine onto the city link and with heart pumping into docklands then thankfully a right turn away from the city – g_d i hate trams and their stupid turns !!!!!!! Along city rd and there it was the big red boat shimmering under the nice little cloud array for us. But whoahhhhh parking i thought it was bad in honeysuckle these poor buggers pay $4.50 an hour, and with Thomas we take up too, needless to say we hedged out bets and paid for an hour and stayed a few 😉The Big Red Boat

We should have stayed a few more! We joined the queue at about 4.45pm and then weaved our way until we were alongside the boat where we bl**dy well stayed in the supposed high height (which by their own definition we aren’t!) for another 2 hrs – not happy Jan !!! Once we started to see other late arrival vans and other vehicle clearly higher than us, it was a camper revolt, we organised ourselves and the staff and out of the line we wentThe boys at Port Melbourne and finally up the ramp into the boat. the journey takes on average 11 hours to complete.

We found our 5 star (well for the price it should be) 4 berth room with no window, with two gentleman in there  .. hmm ok i guess it didn’t clearly state same sex or unisex so there you go for assumptions, then they were all like oh okay and walked out to the what appeared to be the rest of the family, so not sure yet whether they were hoping that they scored a room (given how late onto the boat we were), so we promptly left closing the security key locked door behind us 🙂

For those interested in the stats of the boat – they have 11 decks, with 222 cabins with 750 beths, can carry 1400 passengers, 1000 cars and has 1852 lanemeters. Decks 1 to 6 are used to hold cars and trucks. Decks 1 and 2 are accessed vMelbourne by Nightia a ramp from deck 3. Deck 6 holds cars using a hoistable platform. Deck 7 has cabins, a reception area, small movie theater, lounge bar, gaming lounge, gift shop, tourism bureau, main bar, two restaurants and a children’s playroom. Deck 8 has cabins and an ocean recliner area.Onboard

We watched the skyline of Melbourne disappear as we left the docks, had a feed then headed off for a much needed shower. Our room is at the front, not a real good place anytime, but the captain had just given the weather update, weather warning for the strait with 30 knot winds, hmm we could feel the sway and the rumble of the engines so after having had a shower we headed off to the back of the boat hoping that we would not end up feeding the fish through the nite!!!!


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