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Ellis island

Today we got off to a slow start after getting a good nites sleep

We headed to south ferry to join the craziness that is statue of liberty and Ellis island tours. With a queue that never seemed to end we eventually made it thru the line thru the rude arrogant n not very careful handling of other peoples stuff security .. Not major Bloomberg these people are outright rude pigs!!!!!

Then with the clouds hanging lower n lower or maybe fog we headed out into the harbor towards lady liberty . Seriously what is it about us n NYC tree times now we have tried to see her in sunshine but no last two times rain today well thankfully she is green so she kinda stood out from the grey that was alllll around us

As they are currently working on her we opted not to get off on liberty island n head straight for Ellis island especially given the queues. We arrived just in time for a ranger guided tour that was far more informational then any audio guide m one of the older gentleman on the tour actually arrived at Ellis so that was neat. The ranger took us into a few areas off limits which really have a good idea of both what was needed to be done to restore it and also how much they have already done.

Really luv that it took $160M of private bucks to restore but govt now super happy to reap the tourist money .. That’s a seriously generously bunch of private benefactors!

It was interesting hearing about how the arrivals n departures n quarantine happened and also even thou many were from countries where they would have feared uniforms they seemed to mostly understand that the guards were there to help them. Overall an interesting afternoon.

We then headed back to bowling green n past the big balled bronze bull that also had a seriously line in the middle of the road .. Mm not that desperate for another picture 🙂

We had hoped to catch up with a Yankee mate we played rugby with but that didn’t quote work out .. However as I write this her flight has been cancelled n she is back at hotel so breaky maybe on the agenda 🙂

After the bull we wandered up wall st then grabbed the sub to Flatiron building – that is one super cool building I luv it.

Then it was up 5th avenue for a bit of shopping at Macy’s if you don’t mind before some g-d awful dinner at Sbarro at times sq. we had one of those moments of oh this will do .. Yep bad mistake .. Should hav stuck with my foursquare recommendations they have not failed us yet n in fact have been some of the best meals we have had .. Luv my foursquare 🙂

So then to make sure dinner wasn’t a total write-off a macca d’s sundae was in order then it was home .. Our boots have taken a beating n aren’t holding up so well towards the end so the ole feet are feeling the pinch … Hmm if i ditch them in joburg is it acceptable to wear Thongs for the plane ride to Sydney 🙂



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