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Shopping in the rain

We didn’t get a very a good nights sleep due to the madness of noises outside our hotel n a stinky AC we had opened the window to get a breeze n some fresh air. The hotel is on queens boulevard in queens which is a busy busy road n also right next to the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) which is as noisy as hell.

We headed into the city for the 9/11 Memorial. When we were here last it was still a big gapping hole n it was 9/11 so we were hoping to see the new reflection pols n where the building was up to .. Yesterday it again reached the height if being the tallest in NYC

The clouds n fog were coming in so we weren’t sure if we would get wet before we walked thru the memorial as the queues were quite long but moving quickly which was good. We pretty much made it around the memorial grounds before the rain arrived. It’s funny how a few trees n the two reflection pools really make it very peaceful n not so confronting n sad as the big hole used to do. The new building looks very cool with its mirrored windows n funky shapes n matches in well with the memorial park area.

With the rain seemingly set in we went in search of inside things to do .. There were no more tours for the day at radio music city which was a bummer. So we headed over to times sq for a bit of candy shopping at M&M World n into the sports shop to find tash her giants Manning shirt n hat.

We managed to find her tshirt but the hats are all those basketball like ones quite square very big n look ridiculous on us so we will keep searching for that one. With a few other purchases under our belt we wandered around times sq a bit more then hit the subway to canal st in search of Chinatown food goodness 🙂

We arrived in Chinatown n managed to find us our hats, strolled thru Little Italy, and found us a yummy Vietnamese restaurant that was very good. Then it was time to head home with our bags of shopping n sore feet.


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