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Pack it up and head to the Rock

We awoke at the hotel to a nice pancake breaky and then gathered our stuff that we had sorted thru before gong to bed .. Man it’s easy to accumulate a lot of crap. We ruthlessly tossed maps n information pamphlets n anything else we thought we didn’t need whilst somehow still managing to keep quite a bit of stuff. We checked out n headed back to one of the shopping centers we had seen driving around yesterday. We hit staples (kinda like officeworks at home) m picked us up a nice shipping box n some tape n good old sharpie (black marker pen), then it was off to the post office to see how much it all weighed and if there was still room to send some clothes home that we wouldn’t be needing in NYC or South Africa …. Hopefully :-/

After filling the box n shipping it home to dad 🙂 we headed towards queens n the hotel to drop our stuff .. We had figured this was just as easy as carting it all in the train. The traffic in those 10 miles was horrendous why people drive here I hav no idea! After what seemed like an eternity we made it to the hotel, checked in dropped our stuff n headed back to the airport into even more traffic. We dropped out little car without a drama hopped aboard the enterprise shuttle to the airtrain.

Now this airtrain is supposedly free however when you get to the gate if you don’t hav an airtrain ticket … Which costs $7.25 … U hav to pay 5 bucks .. What the that ain’t free!!! So we navigated our way thru the free train gate down to the subway got our pass for the next few days n got on a train that we hoped would get us to the right place .. Yay for the apple subway app 🙂

We found our way thru the subway, then over the railway overpass to the hotel to kick back for 5 or 10 mins whilst we figured out a plan of attack for the night.

With somewhat of a plan hatched we jumped a subway n headed for times sq, Rockefeller centre n the observation deck at the top .. Top of the Rock

Joining the queue we managed to get to the top just as dusk was breaking but boy were there some people up there, some had located there spot to watch the evening lights turn on and they weren’t moving or sharing for anyone. We managed to get some hopefully good pictures before it got to dark n our tummies couldn’t hold off any longer

We grabbed a gyro from the street truck hoping that it might resemble a kebab which had been kinda craving but alas whilst being meat in a pita pocket not quite what we were wanting but still not bad.

We then wandered around times sq blocks some more n then headed home.


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