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Two days in the city of love

Whilst tash was on her morning breaky run for us she was able to confirm that not only do the greyhounds wander the lobby but they also sleep in the rooms .. Oh my l-rd no!!! That is so not cool so glad we only here one night.

We left the somewhat undesirable hotel in the quaint town of. Gettysburg behind us and headed for the city of love or Philadelphia for two days.

We arrived to glorious weather n quite a few hours of sunshine remaining so we headed to the liberty bell hoping the queues would not be too bad .. We were spot on we barely had to wait at all. We then wandered around outside independence hall n the surrounding squares until our bellies told us it was time to eat. We referred to our trusty foursquare app for a referral n were pointed in the direction of Han Dynasty .. Oh my word it was superb! N definitely well worth the hour wait for the table 🙂

Our second day in Philly we headed for the tour of independence hall n the surrounding buildings, then a walk across Benjamin Franklin bridge n a great skyline view .. I even got questioned by he police for my photography .. Photographing structures like bridges in the states draws attention very quickly but this guy was quite polite n friendly n once I showed him my pictures he was fine

From the bridge we wandered to city hall n then thru Chinatown before heading to another foursquare dinner suggestion this time a little pizza bar n again we were not disappointed!


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