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Atlantic city

We said goodbye to Philly, headed back over Benjamin Franklin bridge into new jersey n east to the coast. The Vegas of NJ was our next destination the city of AC or Atlantic City. Quite a few of the Vegas hotels are also here n they look very similar 🙂

We located a park at ceasars n headed out to the boardwalk. Its about 3-4 mile in length and most of the casinos front it, there are shops and food stalls all along it as well the beach n ocean, which we could actually see n get onto if we wanted quite a novelty really.

We wandered the boardwalk for a little while n then grabbed a quick n dirty hot dog before heading on our way north to Long Island.

We navigated the interstates n found our way to Liberty State Park on the New Jersey side of town with an awesome view of Manhattan midtown a little of uptown a shame about the freezing breeze n greyness all around. From the park you can see the back end of lady liberty n Ellis island which we will hopefully see from both the front but also up close n personal before we leave.

From liberty park we navigated Staten island and the veranzo narrows bridge around jfk airport and out onto long island. Its at about this point that things were not quite as expected. For some reason i had thought long island was bit of seaside village for yonkers but apparently not. There are maybe two boutique hotels and that’s about it. So we figured pretty quickly that we wouldn’t be staying on long island as planned.

So then it was time to figure out plan B. We managed to get a hotel near jfk where offloaded everything that we had throw in bags when we ditched the rig but hadn’t yet gone thru .. oh boy where did all this paperwork n crap come from. So with a lovely rubbish bag full we were ready to ship some stuff home that we wanted to keep n hopefully weren’t going to need before we get home



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