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Here we go again

Today we make tracks from Richmond to manassas to yep u guessed it cruize america to get our sewer hose changed n what everelse needs fixing, this one was a reasonble quick changeover without too much trouble but it didnt really fit into our travel plans which meant we kinda lost another day.

We also discovered that we had just missed catching up with my host dad from south africa in richmond as we didnt get his message until we were in manassas which was a real bummer.

From cruize we headed into to air n space museum which is now the proud owner of space shuttle discovery. This museum is more like a massive plane hanger n is super cool, if a space shuttle isnt cool enough it also has a Concorde n a stealth fighter. We managed to see what we wanted before closing time .. again 🙂

From air n space it was off to our out suburbs DC campground for the next few nights, which has a lovely shuttle to the metro so no driving .. yay!



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