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Well today was frustrating to say the least. After showering in Apollo last night i noticed water near the shower, not thinking too much of it just a bit of splash from our showers i mopped n forgot about it until i stood up n into a rather large puddle. Some investigation revealed that there was a leak from a pipe under the shower that was no leaking into the van .. i could not believe it what more could go wrong .. we had chosen to somewhat ignore the leaking water transfer valve into to the toilet as it was leaking into the shower and was clean water n whilst not impressed was something we were prepared to live with .. a river thru the van i dont think so!!!!

So we woke and made the familiar call to cruise but at least now we hav our own personalised supervisor 😉 .. i spoke with donna n told her enough was enough we wanted out, not surprisingly she understood. I negotiated our release and compensation n then it was back south about an hour to hand the van in and then attempt to get a hire car etc etc ..

Thankfully the manager we dealt with today was great .. he laughed and said he had never seen a log as long as ours and couldnt believe the problems we had had both with the agents, vehicles, and repairers. He had even organised for a car rental company to come collect us and our stuff .. thats how customer service should be done

So after having cleaned out the vehicle n bagged up our stuff .. which was quite alot given we hadnt expected to be finishing up quite so soon, luckily we didnt have too much food.

We finalised the car rental, and headed off to see if we could make something of what was fast becoming a wasted day.

Just to top off my mood my e-reader had decided to shat itself, so with it being an american gadget we headed to its ‘home’ at barnes and noble just up the road from the car rental centre. They were happy to exchange it once we did some tests on it that confirmed it had died. I then negotiated a nice little upgrade to their latest improved model 🙂

From the bookstore we grabbed a little cooler from target seeing how we no longer hav a fridge 🙁 then it was into Arlington National Cemetery.

As we reached the cemetery we finally got our ‘first’ glance of this magical city .. there is just something about seeing that monument rising up above everything that i just luv.

We had been to the cemetery last trip, really we had seen a hell of a lot last trip but we just luved the city we had to come back again.

We managed to catch the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown solider as well as a wreath laying ceremony.

We then decided to be daring n try our little race car in the DC traffic n we headed across the Potomac to the tidal basin n took a little walk to the Washington monument n a little bit of the mall.

So our new wheels is a charcoal coloured toyota corolla that feels like we are sitting on the ground, and drives like its a little NASCAR vehicle, it also feels really small on the road .. funny how you get used to something so quickly .. a name will be forth coming.

With a hotel secured it was back across the water n just down the road from the Pentagon to our hotel, where did a dummy rum of our tracks for tomorrow morning to get us to the dawn service n also hopefully find some food but we werent hopeful at 10pm .. so it was lovely macca d’s

Unable to unwind or relax we tried to sleep knowing that in literally a couple of hours we would be back up again



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