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ANZAC day in DC

We got off to a very early start this morning, with the metro opening at 5 we were there for the first train to get us to Foggy Bottom where we would take a fast walk down the hill to the korean war memorial for the DC ANZAC day dawn service.

We arrived just in time n were surprised by the numbers but also the number of personnel in uniform, mostly senior officers n their families. The service was quick not exactly like at home and certainly the inability of the American officer to pronounce Gallipoli correctly was not so amusing. Kim Beasley spoke well amd made it more like a home service.

Once the service was finished down came the wreaths .. wtf .. yep they didnt even leave the wreaths that were laid there .. i hope they at least went to the embassies if not thats pretty disappointing!

We then headed back to the hotel for some breakfast n well a little nap 🙂

It was then back on the metro n up to dupont circle to change over to a bus and up to the national cathedral. We arrived just as they talking about the10,000 plus pipes pipe organ and giving a demonstration .. the cathedral is so big there is a 6 second delay in the sound from the front to back ! We were then given a tour of the cathedral which was quite interesting.

From the cathedral we headed back towards the centre of town, over to the white House, down to the Washington monument, then up to the capitol at which point we decided it was time to rest n eat so we headed into chinatown for a very yummy dinner before heading home for an early night.

Mileage: 0000
Steps: 21,000


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