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let it rain, let it pour

today was another one of those days where we would wake in one state and sleep in another one! we awoke in north Carolina and will go to sleep in Virginia.

we awoke to rain, we drove in the rain and its still raining outside, possibly the crappiest weather day we have had ๐Ÿ™

we left north Carolina and headed north then out east to Norfolk. its another of those i have no idea where the idea/want comes from but i have always wanted to see Norfolk navy base, unfortunately today wasn’t going to be. the weather got worse as we headed to coast and by the time we reached Norfolk the fog or rain or whatever it was, was making seeing two cars in front problematic so trying to see a naval base on the water just wasn’t going to happen :-(. with the rain dropping cats dogs and sheep from the sky a drive by of Norfolk was about the best we were going to do. it was also Sunday lunch.afternoon so alot of the town was closed.

we did however go through our first tunnel .. not knowing if RVs were supposed to go through the first one was a little unsettling but by the second one we had the gas maneuvering down and we were set. with the winds howling and the rain making visibility a challenge we didn’t even attempt the Chesapeake bay tunnel which would have been super fun, but they probably would have stopped us with the winds anyway, i didn’t fancy an afternoon shaking and rattling in the turnout on the bridge ;-/

we had a drive around Norfolk and saw the big brute of a battleship Wisconsin and some of the historic district before making the decision that the rain wasn’t going to clear up anytime soon, so we decided to keep on trucking and headed back inland to Richmond and see what the weather would bring off the coast.

well the weather didn’t improve so after trucking through 300 plus miles in the rain we called it quits at the KOA just to the north of Richmond, VA.

driving on the roads in the rain sure is an experience, i don’t know what it is but it seems like they have no idea how to do the speed limit (or even knock a few off it) or turn their lights on, or anticipate what is going on around them, really people its not that difficult! at times it was difficult to know if they were on a suicide mission or just plain kamikazes! watching it all unfold was mostly funny as you could see what was happening – zip from this lane to that lane, no they were breaking for the fun it, so zip back the other way durrr people !!! then add the trucks into the equation who think that trying to pass each other on a two lane highway had no impact on the rest of the traffic .. an interesting day of drivingย  was certainly had thats for sure. hopefully the weather will improve tomorrow!

mileage: 328 miles (528km)



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  1. Hey why don’t you drop in and stay the night? We are at 97 Robins Court, Palmyra about 45 minutes west of Richmond in the direction of Charlottesville. Phone 434-591-0990 or 703-203-6588 for directions. Best Peter & Diana Freeman

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