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Georgia and Carolina

we awoke today in the southern gentile state of Georgia and the lovely camp hosts were cooking up yummy Belgium waffles !!!! hell yeah count us in .. mm waffles …

we left behind the lovely waffle machines and headed to the very north of Georgia to the lovely riverside historic town of savannah Georgia.

savannah is very pretty, all the old wharf buildings along the river have been semi converted but still retain their old world charm. there was a lovely little arts festival going on so coupled with a sunny Sunday it was bustling – well bustling for savannah 🙂

we wandered around savannah enjoying the sunshine before it was time to climb back aboard and find some accommodation for the evening. we had decided not to make the trip out to the coast to Charleston to try and make up some time due to a few additional nights in Memphis and Orlando.

we crossed into north Carolina and once again the trusty interstate KOA was waiting for us, this time we were not the last ones to arrive 🙂

a pretty light on day as we make tracks north to DC, Philly and of course NYC.

Mileage: 390 miles (628km)

Steps: 8926 (6.51km)


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