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Magic kingdom

So today we hit magic kingdom, think Cinderella castle n main street parade. As we were at the campground we got to take a boat ride past the two original hotels, which were built in modular formats, n has a monorail that goes thru them, it also has a road bridge. There are two lakes that didn’t join n trying to build the road over both the boat n monorail would have been too steep so they built a road bridge n joined the two lakes so the boat goes over the road n under the monorail .. Cool!

We arrived at magic kingdom n jumped aboard the Disney train to get a view of the park from up a little higher.

We jumped off at tomorrow land so tash could ride her silly roller coaster inside in the dark — really why!

The park today was a little busier but overall we did pretty well we didn’t really wait any longer then about 45 mins for a ride n really only one dud ride out of the lot. I even rode splash mountain n the kiddies roller coaster 🙂

The main street parade was good a lot shorter then I remember Disneyland’s parade being when we were there.

I think we missed maybe two rides .. Cinderella n Peter pan 🙂 so I reckon we did alright .. Bit of a bummer though thunder mountain, liberty boat n I thought something else but now can’t think of it was closed for repairs n upgrade. They are also in the process of building a couple of new rides – little mermaid n seven dwarfs

We caught the nighttime main street electrical parade which was pretty cool all the floats lit up in the dark streets with the characters obviously. Following in from the parade they do the magic n memories lightshow on the castle – very much like the vivid in Sydney- where they put pictures on the buildings by light/projectors .. It was super duper cool. We then waited for the fireworks, the pamphlets all say viewing across the park where u can see the castle, well we were right beside it so we thought we had a great spot, unfortunately the fireworks were at the back of the castle .. Wtf!!! Lots of unhappy people where we were that’s for sure . Anyway it wasn’t all bad n the fireworks last night were much better 🙂

We got our little boat back to the campground n said goodbye to the Disney magic 🙁


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