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We left all of Disney behind today n headed east to Kennedy Space Center (KSC).

We jumped aboard the tour buses n headed out to LC-39 observation gantry passing the massive vehicle assembly building – VAB. this thing is massive n indescribable other then it’s awesome :-). You also drive alongside the crawl way – where the massive transportation crawler takes the shuttles out to the launch pads from VAB, which can take up to 8 hours!

From the gantry u can see LC-39 A and B, which will be refitted n upgraded for use in the future. You can also see out to the launch pads for mercury, Gemini and atlas, and also the mate/de-mate facility that discovery would hav been in only a few short days ago 🙁 this facility enables NASA to load the shuttle on top of the NASA 747 that can bring the shuttle back from Edwards air force base in CA if the entry weather doesn’t allow them to land in FL, however in this case it was to load discovery onto the 747 for its final flight to the Smithsonian in Virginia where it will be housed.

There was another shuttle lift off simulation which wasn’t as intense as the Epcot one but somewhat more realistic n the mimicking of G forces was pretty sweet just without the crushing feeling 🙂

We watched an awesome IMAX show on the amazing Hubble. Wow that is one cool piece of gear n the pictures, actual pictures shot by the astronauts in the last service mission to Hubble is out of this world crazy amazing n with 3d .. Omg!!!!!!

We headed back up the 1 a little bit to our campground for the night n have finally named suzie no more .. After discovering that the sewer hose has holes in it .. Yep lucky we now hav our own personalized supervisor with cruise America!

Actually I think I forgot to write about that the other day. So we are driving out if Miami n I get a VM message saying this supervised had looked over the logs n wanted to personally intervene … Hmm coincidence that I wrote some awful reviews of them the night before???? Anyway turns out she wanted to offer some additional compensation n if needed would be available to us for the remainder of the trip .. So I guess that was at least some acknowledgement of the inconveniences we had been caused! So it appears she will be getting a call tomorrow, n she had been forewarned that I would not be a happy camper if we needed to speak with her .. So we will see how that goes … After we take a closer look at KSC tomorrow 🙂

Oh the new name … Apollo .. It even took NASA a couple of goes before they got right but in the end they put a man on the moon .. So there is hope yet 🙂


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