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Disney madness

We got an early start n headed up the Florida turnpike to Disney world!!!! We had done a little research last night and had discovered that we would need to take out a small mortgage to cover the tickets a we had decided to throw in another night at Orlando n do two days at the parks. We headed to the resort campground n were pleasantly surprised that our two nights stay would cost us less then $75 for the two nights .. Considerably less then we hav paid n even at a state park so that was a good start n as the campground is considered as part of the resorts we also got free transport to all the parks – bargain!

We purchased our two day pass at a lovely $95/pp/day which entitled us to one park per day if you want to park hop well u can add at least another $35 or $55 to that!!!! But hey it’s not like we are going to be coming back anytime soon

So with tickets sorted, Suzie no more n still nameless parked we headed off to Epcot .. Squeeee …I hav no idea what book it was but i remember reading a book where they talked about Epcot as a kid n have wanted to come here ever since so I was a little excited .. The whole not having to drive an park was compounding the excitement 🙂

Epcot was really cool n not too crowded so we got to see n do everything except one thing that we wanted to do before the sun set and it was time to walk over the bridge to The World.

One of the rides simulates a space launch take off to mars n boy did it pull some G’s n make me a little uncomfortable .. If u haven’t gathered from my check-ins I don’t do roller coasters etc but I had to do this one n it was pretty much at my limits .. Tash did something ridiculous capsule thing turning around n upside down yeah I don’t think so.

The world is waterfront expo like village that sits around the lake n has different countries with buildings representative of that country, food n some with activities. We wandered around checking ’em out before we grabbed some dinner n a good position for the night illumination experience.

The show was really cool with great fireworks n lasers how and an exploding world. As we were headin out the lovely crew member advised that the one ride we hadn’t gotten to due to the lines was still open, so we hot footed it n man were we happy we did .. It was super cool like hangliding with a massive IMAX like screen which had us flying over different parts if California yeah sweet !!!

We managed to navigate our way back to the campsite for a quick shower n bed we were knackered!!!!


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