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Suzie no more

After another frustrating call to cruise America we were directed to head to the Miami agent … Mmm there are two listed . So what happens I have to call them to work out which one the agent spoke with omg these people are going to do my head in. After sorting out which centre we were going to n then actually finding the place n them trying to hav the issue translated to the mechanic thru the office manager he finally looked at us shook his head n pointed out the back to another vehicle ..oh thank you g-d finally someone has figured out its a bigger problem! So now we just .. Huh just she says .. Move everything n I mean everything, the catch to the new vehicle is it has nothing in it literally nothing so spoons plates cups everything from suzie to the new rig we hav to move ourselves .. Hmm that’s one way to see how much crap is in there!

So with everything moved n all the issues recorded so it doesn’t bite us later we head into downtown Miami n then across the water to Miami beach.

We hav been winging it to some degree with the gps in Florida until now which hasn’t been all that bad but we kinda need some maps n tips so to the visitor centre we head .. In the visitor centre girls own words .. Oh we don’t do rv’s camping n all that outdoors stuff in Miami beach .. Hmmm ok .. Yep she was right no campgrounds parking spaces n very few public beaches .. Well this is going to get interesting. Unfortunately with an event on at the convention centre that parking was off limits to rv’s n construction work maxim out the parking our sightseeing of Miami beach quickly became a frustrating drive by which for most of it you couldn’t even see the beach let alone get too 🙁

So now given how much time the stuffing around this morning had cost us it was reasonably late in the afternoon so we kept moving north.

Somewhat further north then we would hav liked we stopped n managed to actually get onto a beach, n if it’s not going to be south beach then trumps beach will do just fine thanks 🙂 that marine warning had stuck around the beaches were closed so I guess that kinda only made it half suk cause even if we had been able to get a park at south beach we couldn’t have swum anyways!

We then decided to keep on moving n see how far north we could get n ended up for the first time starting to panic about getting a camp spot. The park I had picked out was a state park n when we got there the gates were closed, so plan b was activated n it almost seemed like that park didn’t exist at all but good ole dr google fixed that google maps actually had the park marked .. Our problem was the app we have been using, which has until this point been a g-dsend had the wrong street number. So we found our park n settled in for the night. We had kinda hoped to maybe see discovery being transported from Kennedy space center to Virginia tomorrow but it’s due to leave at first light n Kennedy is still a good few hours away, so we hav decided to go to Disney first as Kennedy may be a little hectic


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