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Key West

So we leave behind the tranquility of pellemkamp after deciding not to do the glass bottom boat ride .. We hav seen coral before n it wasn’t really the reason for coming all the way south. We had also worked out that it was going to take a little while to get to the keys so we wanted to get on our way. Before we did thought we had a look at the 30,000 gallon aquarium at the visitor centre which was pretty cool.

From key largo where pellemkamp was located it was about another 100 miles. The drive was nice . Oh loo out that window there’s the water b look out the other the water again – yep that’s how big the islands are in places! So driving at 45 n 55 miles/hour (about 70 n 85km/hr) those miles were taken even longer then planned. Which at first was nice oh look the gulf of Mexico n the Atlantic cool oh look at the water colors awesome n the bridges n then it was like just hurry up already. We got to 7 mile bridge which if I remember correctly isn’t actually 7 miles it just shy of but a cool bridge anyways however it’s also only about half way omg are we ever gonna get to key west … Well obviously we did n it was Sunday n sunny so it was crazy busy n nowhere to park arghhhh so after a little frustration (read here major league melt down) we finally found somewhere to park that was within reasonable waking distance.

We heard to the southern most point of the USA also 90 miles from Cuba for those that are interested, n watched social norming at it best. Obviously at some point during the day it got busy so people starting forming a queue n then the people starting policing the queue .. Yo buddy there’s a line here! Get in the line if you want your picture with it .. It being a cylinder like thing painted with southern most point … Hmmm very interesting indeed. So not wanting to conform to the social norm established by the masses I took the quick snap in between groups n we were on our merry way.

We then headed off towards the main streets n hordes of people hanging out n drinking beer on a lovely sunny Sunday arvo. We almost walked past key lime pie company then suddenly I remembered the conversation in the tram at Everglades the other day, the guy had said they do key line pie dipped in chocolate on a stick. .. So in we went .. Me to counter girl do u do key line pie in chocolate she says in a stick me yes she sure do me I’ll take it! Oh yeah cheesecake on a stick dipped in chocolate I think I have gone to heaven n died!

So pied up it was off to the lighthouse for a view of the keys .. It was a pretty cool view but i have to say key west wasn’t the Bahamas style town I had imagined n a lot of the beaches are private so u can’t l just walk n swim along the coast .. Not that I condone or support paid parking at our beaches – its just another revenue raising trick of councils I will say I would rather pay to park n swim public then pay to park n hav private coastlines any day .. Kinda makes us appreciate our beaches even more!!!!

With the day now slipping away we decided to head back towards Miami as a storm front was coming in n we wanted to try n beat it.

So back on the slow long trek back through the keys n the clouds on the gulf side clearing just enough for a nice orange sunset which we managed to catch before driving into the rain which wasnt to bad.

We headed to a Miami county park which was super nice .. It was also time for the dreaded call to cruise America again .. We had realized yesterday that the new valve we had put in for the black water was not only leaking but also was working so now we had a valve that was wasn’t closing properly do old problem still exists n a new one that it now drips n leaks continuously which as u can imagine is not very pleasant! So we had emptied the tanks n cleaned them up as much as possible ad pellemkamp n w knew that there were agents in Miami so now we just needed them to organize a new vehicle because this is just outrageous n in not wasting anymore time getting it fixed when clearly there is a bigger issue here. So the call was as expected unhelpful n required additional call in the morning .. So tomorrow who knows what the day will bring


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