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The Glades

We awoke in the middle of the morning to rain, so we quickly pulled the hatches down, don’t need to be floating away whilst we sleep. The alarm clock didn’t bring any brighter weather so after much debate we decided to still head down to flamingo inside the Everglades.

Our stop inside the eastern side of the park was at royal palm / anhinga trail – named after the birds that inhabit the area i would imagine (they are very much like shags). The rain was coming down so as good tourists we donned our rain coats put the all weather cover on the backpack n went out into the feral weather to walk the trails .. with all the other good tourists. Needless to say we ended up with soaking shorts 🙂 but all good its Florida its not cold rain n we were dry not too much longer by our own body heat .. mmm doesn’t that sound great body steamer 🙂

We worked our way down thru the park to the end which is flamingo. Super cool we saw real wild manatees they are so ugly they are very cute! It is also one of the very few places where you can see American crocodile n alligator .. which we did! The crocs are much smaller them ours n also far less aggressive. We saw some lovely hawkies on their nest with mamma hawk sitting on the eggs, lots of ugly vultures. At one of the stops we even saw another much larger slithery thing which made me as usual want to vomit. G-d i hate those things physically mentally urgh i just want to be sick at the sight of them. But the good photographer in me took a deep breath opened my eyes kept my feet off the floor of the truck n through the windscreen took a picture – oh the professionalism!!!!!

We had by now spent most of the day in the park n it was getting late so we made our way back up north out of the park to then head south real south and out to the keys – key west! Well to key largo tonight, at John Pellenkamp Coral Reef State Park where we managed to get the very last spot for the night!! Its a really nice park n runs some glass bottom boats out to the reef so if the wind dies down – some of the trips were cancelled today due to the wind n marine warnings – we might hop on one in the morning, then head out to the end of this strip n its only a strip of land (actually i think its more like reclaimed water with soil dumped on it if you ask me) and see what all the fuss is about 🙂



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