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Grease & Birds

so today we spent several hours at the grease monkeys hut – mechanics – to hopefully get the black water problem fixed properly !!!!! it didnt start well seeing how the useless ‘agent’ at Cruise America gave us the wrong business name !!! yeah really helpful, really improving my opinion of them – NOT!

so the guys were lovely – as they have been in the the places – this time they actually replaced a part, the valve oh hallelujah only what we have been telling them from the start, they also replaced the engine oil – yep we told them how many miles we would be doing before we picked it up and they still failed to tell us that it would need engine oil replacement halfway through … mmmmm .. so anyway both are done and hopefully thats the last of the grease monkeys for us

we headed into the city of Tallahassee, seeing how it is the capital of Florida – yep didn’t realise that one either !!! doesn’t say much for the 3 unit geography in Yr 12 does it! we drove past FSU – Florida State University, a rather large almost its own community/suburb and decided not to do the 22nd floor observatory at the capital building as well there wasn’t much to see 🙂 instead we opted to head south to the St Marks national wildlife park (NWP) for some nature and birds and maybe even a gator or two !!!!

St Marks was pretty with a lighthouse and all but not much birdlife and no gators 🙁 am guessing the time of day didnt help but it was nice to be out of the city and in the fresh air after a pretty frustrating morning.

from St Marks we headed south to Homosassa where there were some more wildlife refugees that we wanted to see

the park is a little interesting in that it is obviously more longer term then short term and the site configurations were some of the more interesting, so not really sure if we were pinching someone else’s water 🙂 oh well they weren’t there to know so really no biggie!! we are happy to report the shower rated well on our rating system!

Mileage: 230 miles (370km)

Steps: 5120 steps (3.73km)


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