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tell me it aint so !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well today was a nothing day nothing until about 5 minutes ago until i read facebook until i wanted to explode !!

we left cartersville and with no good reasons to go into Atlanta we had made the decision to truck on through to Tallahassee.

we unhooked headed to the dump site and yep you guessed it that bloody black water problem still aint fixed .. am sooooo not happy. so back on the phone to cruise america to get someone organised in a tally for tomorrow. at least the girl today admited that there is no way to speak with a manager – wtf is with that !!! so anyway if its not fixed tomorrow there will be some serious review site visiting tomorrow nite ! which i have told them and that they my experience and opinion will not be favourable but still no manager – guess they have our money and everyone else’s so they dont care or dont need to care .. but maybe a few real life posts might make others think twice before hiring with them at least thats something !!!

we headed off down the interstate and so much for not going into Atlanta, seriously what 7 lane expressway goes through the heart of the city !!!!! anyway i guess we got a look see at the city

nothing too much to report on the 300+ mile drive to tally. we arrived at our campsite, and headed off to the super for milk. now you would think that tash could be more disciplined seeing how she does the shopping at home but no !!!! chocolate milk, fried chicken, cheesecake and milk all ended up in her basket .. hmmmmmmmm 🙂

we were taking with a couple of elder gentleman that are RIDING their way from San Diego to Florida (omg like 3000+ miles) one ex navy one ex FBI ..interesting

again uninteresting night until now .. just now i read facebook and what does my newsfeed tell me Keith Urban is at the Opry – yes the Opry where we were yesterday morning (and he was NOT listed on the tues nite list) AND Vince Gill asked him if he would like to become the newest member of the OPRY. OMG if only we had stayed so that we could have said we had been to an opry performance we would have seen Keith and his invitation .. not very happy Jan !!!!




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