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The opry n chickamauga

Before heading off out of Nashville there was still one last place that just had to be visited! The grand ole opry .. The home of country music!

We took the backstage tour with Blake Shelton assisting on the tour to boot .. Go team Blake!!!!! (well sort of by tv in a number of different areas lol)

We were taken in the actors entrance, through to the post boxes – all opry members have a personal fan post box at the opry that they personally clear when visiting the opry – onto the drawing rooms n then up on to the opry stage complete with the original opry circle that has been used since the very first opry performance n saved from the devastating 2010 Nashville floods loving restored n placed back centre stage for the artists to sing from! A pretty cool tour indeed.

From the opry we headed south towards Atlanta Georgia stopping first in chickamauga n Chattanooga national military park .. Try saying both of those together 3 times quickly

As we approached the park on I24 and suddenly a welcome to Georgia sign pops up … Huh oh crap Chattanooga is just inside Georgia I thought it was still in Tennessee. So needless to say we weren’t ready for the hwy welcome sign so no photo today. This signed quickly followed by you have entered eastern standard time .. Oh crap again another hour damn n we were doing so well for time up until then .. Bugger.

So with an hour just swiped away like that we hit the visitor centre checked out the film n grabbed our maps and driving tour info from the as always very lovely park ranger.

Today we join the civil war in 1863, Vicksburg has been taken by the Union n now the prize was Chattanooga a key rail centre n gateway to the south. Maj. Gen. Rosecrans has approx 70,000 men for the Union n Gen. Braxton Bragg has approx 43,000 for the confederates to be later strengthened to about 66,000. Fighting began on sept 19. The following day after mix up with Union troop movements a gap is created n the confederates converge m push thru until they get to snodgrass hill where they meet with resistance but eventually union troops retreat. The confederates were now blocking major supply lines for the union.

The union would be reinforced with an additional 30,000 odd men and them on nov 23 the union troops surged again eventually the confederates would be overtaken n would retreat into Atlanta. Union armies now control the city of Chattanooga n nearly all of Tennessee. Sherman would use chattanooga as his base to to begin his march towards Atlanta n the sea.

It is said that chickamauga was one of the bloodiest battles – confederate casualties numbered 18,000 of 60,000 engaged n Union casualties of 16,000 with 58,000 engaged.

Vicksburg, Shiloh and chickamauga @ chattanooga along with Gettysburg were the first four national military parks authorized by congress between 1890 and 1899. Chicka was the first n is the largest. It was used to study both sides n the defenses n strategies etc used n it is believed to be the only battlefield of this quality n magnitude in the world given or was fought in forests plains hills steep ridges rivers n steams. There are approximately 1,400 monuments n markers within the park

From chicka we headed off to cartersville about 40 mile north of Atlanta to another KOA located very nicely just off the I75. Which probably brings us to the camp ground shower stories. Yes susie has a loo n shower but obvious why we have been limiting loo use but why not the shower okay so firstly it’s like one of those ship shower cubicles so not very big, the loo is also in there so if you fancy trying to shower in a ship shower for starters throw a basin and loo n u start to get the picture of how much room there isn’t! Hence why when we can we use campground facilities. Some of them have been great others well lets just say we now have a earn system n procedure in place.

Being an AJ and all I send tash on a reconnaissance mission to get the sight rating. This will usually be based on shower nozzle, cubicle size n make up – read here privacy level – n cleanliness. Once this has been assessed we then decide if we new to debate the necessity of actually showering should the rating not be too high – like the south of Dallas experience.

Them when it’s actually time to shower seeing how tash is soooo much quicker then me I again use her as the test dummy to see if there is actually hot water, how the taps function – which believe me in some occasions has been no mean feat – and how the nozzle (or at times lack thereof) functions. Only once all this has been assessed to do venture in .. See I got this all sorted.

Tonight was pretty good, the past two nights in Nashville not so much! There was more water going out of the shower n through the shower curtain the into the shower and on us .. Tash was not impressed at all .. Apparently being machine gunned by the shower is not a pastime she wishes to pursue 🙂



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