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did it again ..

we left Elvis and Memphis behind and headed a little south to Shiloh National Military Park before our destination of Music City – Nashville!

we arrived at the park and ok yes given it was the weekend and it was easter it was blooooody busy. a quick trip into the visitor centre we soon discovered that we had arrived on the 150th anniversary of the battle at Shiloh. oh !!! hmm okay this could get interesting.

we started our driving tour around the battlefield sites – Shiloh was the scene of one of the worst and bloodiest civil war battles, a total of 23,746 casualties. just as dawn was breaking on April 7th 1862, confederate commander Johnston seized an initiative to attack Gen. Grant, leading 40,000 men into a bloody battle, where Johnston was killed and eventually fiercely outnumbered the confederates Beauregard ordered a retreat to Corinth.

to commemorate the anniversary the park was setting up 23,000+ candles in white paper bags that on sunset would be lit and light up the park for the grand illumination (the pictures on the parks FB page are pretty spectacular!) unfortunately we couldn’t stay till dusk to see the illumination.

from shiloh it was back north and to the east where we would land in the heart of country music — nashville!


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