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Country Music heaven

heaven or hell 🙂 .. for me its heaven .. for poor ole Tash well i’m slowly making her a fan if not by choice then by stealth, overkill and force !!!! the radio  remains country bound – it seems only the country channels are capable of reaching the breadth and width of this great nation 🙂

today we headed into Nashville city centre to check out the country music museum and hall of fame. another wonderful museum that you can (and did) spend waaaaay tooo long in!. am awesome doco of sorts from Taylor swift – yes everyone can go awwww Taylor now – about two clips she put together whilst on the road – absolute classics. some wonderful memorabilia and collection, and its only a portion of what they hold. they are currently building a new building thats going to be at least 4 times the size of the new one !!!!!

after we eventually got out of the museum we headed past the Ryman Theatre and up into town for a wander around in the glorious sunshine ! we had some linner (this whole getting stuck in museums and leaving us with lunch combined with dinner is becoming a bit a habit) at margaritaville – a chain owned/run/name to it by Jimmy Buffet – not bad at all.

it was then back to the van for a bit of a relaxing evening after not sleeping so well last night.


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