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Storm chaser or chasee ?

We left Jackson well Clinton a suburb of Jackson anyways n headed off to best buys kinda like good guys for a top up for the Internet n to then to the super to get some more human supplies .. I don’t know bout y’all but it sure feels like we spend a lot if time at the super! So anyways there wasn’t a super near the best buys so it was back out onto the Trace again.

We would the trace today north until Tupelo then veer a bit west n head north again till we hit the Tennessee border n Memphis!

Everything was going great we were making some progress n being disciplined with our stops so we actually didn’t stop at every single marker along the way … There are quite a few.

We reached a stretch of the road where it looked the parks service had been logging or something awful then there was the sign .. Tornado damage April 2011 … Ya what serious oh come on .. Hmmmm. And like the tv pictures always show this tree not that tree n then the trees all green n lush and I damaged just started back again like the mess n destruction of the previous few miles was a dream .. Surreal.

Then it happened again that disturbing piercing signal thru the radio advising of another severe weather cell n we were headed straight for it. We watched the clouds gather to the sides then behind n finally to the front n then all of a sudden you saw it coming kinda freaky actually the whole light changed the trees were bending in the wind n leaves being stripped n you saw the wind making it ways thru the tunnel of trees until it finally reached you n of course it reached us on the longest open bit of road we had pretty much seen all day.

So its blowing across us n hitting the van with all it’s got n I have the steering wheel like I want to turn the corner to the left but i want to go straight in the right hand side of the road. you can feel the tyres are sliding not gliding an you can feel yourself being pushed to the edge of the road .. I don’t know that I hav been that shit scared in my life before n I hope to hell I won’t be again!

Back in what seemed like the sanctuary of the trees the rain was streaming down now too, we finally made the last of the probably 20miles to the ranger station where we would be able to pull over n sit it out for a while in safety. We were clearly not the only ones having those thoughts.

So after about half an hour it started to pass thru a little n headed back out to the freeway to get to Memphis. Within probably half an hour more the sun was tan saloning me thru the window .. It was bloody crazy.

We arrived in Memphis n set up camp in Elvis Presley enterprises RV camp right behind Heartbreak Hotel on Elvis Presley boulevard about 500m from Graceland. Not a bad spot at all.

The hotel ran a shuttle into Beale street so we jumped aboard n headed into the famous street of Memphis. We had an awesome dinner at BB Kings blues club n listen to the BB King allstars blues band which was pretty awesome. We wandered Beale st n discovered that its small, real small which we didn’t realize so that didn’t take too long at all 🙂

Then it was time to jump the last shuttle home



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