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So today was pretty much all about surprise surprise Elvis Presley!

We took the long walk to Graceland plaza purchased our tickets n boarded the bus bound for Graceland .. All the way across the street :-). … I guess with about 600,000 visitors per year it’s a good way to track n limit numbers but also for those that are mobility impaired.

After reviving our lovely pesky tourist audio tour devices we entered Graceland n into a whole other world. The world that you know from tv n movies n myth but also the private n personal side.

Graceland n all it’s bits n pieces – the gold albums, the jungle room, the racquetball court – really is pretty spectacular n too think that he purchased it for $100,000. Bargain! N he did it four years after he got his diploma – not bad at all.

From the estate it was back across the road to the automobile display .. Not as many as i had actually expected but still a pretty cool display. From cars it was onto the “Lisa Marie” elvis’s plane complete with 24 carot gold speckled hand basins n seat belt buckles 🙂 now that’s first class!

We had a look they some of the other exhibits which had memorabilia n detailed is time in the movies n early stage career a well as his come back special in ’68 bit I must say the behind the scenes ‘movie’ on the making of the documentary “Elvis on tour” was one of the most fascinating .. I’ve never seen it nor heard of it .. So that’s gone on the bucket list … N it won a grammy in 1972 for best documentary .. Huh

From Elvis land it was into the free shuttle into sun studio for a tour with a young rockabilly girl that was totally fantastic for a fantastic tour of the original studio n attached buildings .. An amazing story that it stood empty for 25 years yet almost everything there today is original including the ‘x’ in the floor where Elvis stood .. Pretty darn cool .. Kinda didn’t realize that I am actually a bit of fan of all that music 🙂

From there we caught the trolley around the city along the mighty Mississippi (at least I can now spell it n I reckon I almost know the song too!) n then back into Beale street before hitching a ride back in the shuttle.

Tomorrow we attempt to not spend a whole day in Shiloh NMP n then it’s onto Nashville … So y’all hav a good nite now ya hear

Mileage: zero .. Yay
Steps: 9062 (6.61km)


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