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So feeling somewhat very seedy it was a very slow start to the morning. We managed to get a shower in before the restrooms in the park were listed for cleaning, n then proceeded very slowly to try n work out how many drinks we had had n how much time had elapsed to figure out if we were right to drive!

So we eventually departed new Orleans knowing that we hadn’t seen all w had wanted to or should hav but sometimes if you can’t beat ’em join ’em!

We cruised out of nawlins n up the highway till the craving for grease n caffeine was overwhelming so it was off at the exit to ‘everything u need’ land that lives right by the exits of the interstates – the place where hotels gas food n sometimes casinos n other strange businesses reside.

Fueled up it was off to the capital of Louisiana baton rouge – yep nawlins ain’t the capital! We hit the visitor centre where ‘ya all were kindly pointed towards the current home the Louisiana legislature building a very empire state like building but with a Gotham feel to it. On floor 27 there a super observation area – for free – reminder this is the current building full of senators etc of which I am pretty sure we saw quite a few as we went thru security screening but still free on deck for visitors very cool. We wandered a little around this area before getting back on the highway n another border crossing this time into Mississippi.

We headed for Natchez like matches but with an N, state park for the night which is located just off the start of the Natchez Trace Parkway a 444 mile beautiful scenic historical n cultural drive thru old Indian n settlers history running from Natchez all the way north to Nashville.

We managed to find ourselves a camp spot .. It was much busier off the beaten track here then we had thought. We started to think about n dinner n I’m defrosting some leftovers in the microwave .. So first world camping … When the radio starting emitting funny beeps n then a dude in a soft serious voice comes over n starts talking. Tash is all like stop the microwave I’m like why she is like shhhh so I stop the mic n then it’s like ohh what the hell severe storm warning, severe weather warning n then something about wind n cycling or something. It didn’t take us too long to figure out this was a national weather service (like our BOM) radio override n they where definitely talking about where we were n the cycling thing was about possible tornadoes. We were like no way so out came the maps, up came the US BOM equivalent to check the radar n yep sure enough we smack in a nice rain storm with two big cells sitting either side of us. After a few more overrides on the half hour we started to think we should be taking this a little serious n starting packing passport phones cameras etc in our two backpacks just in case.

We went to bed with rain n wind n a bit of thunder all seemed good till about 3 am when I am pretty sure sound traveled faster then light cause the crack of lightening with the roar n tremble across the land of the thunder were in time n on top of us .. Nothing like a good storm to make me promptly tell tash I wouldn’t mind a hotel right now!

The storm eventually disappeared n we went back to sleep

Mileage: 203 miles (326km)
Steps: 7782


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