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We left Lafayette n headed for the Mississippi and the old plantation homes. Unfortunately the banks are 40ft high so you can’t really see too much driving along the river road. We stopped at nottoway n oak alley plantation homes n walked thru the very beautiful manicured gardens, we did a tour inside oak alley which has been beautifully restored n maintained with lovely time costumed girls doing the tours.

From the plantations we headed to new Orleans n based on reviews from an RV site we headed for riverpark RV village .. We pulled up to an electronic Gaye with a small mini mart with glass barricades .. Wtf have we got ourselves into .. Park lady says no bus after dark get a cab .. Hmmm maybe those reviews left a few things out!

So we pulled into our spot hooked up n then headed into town via the bus whilst it was still light … With the advice from the lovely park lady we hopped off to get the transfer bus .. N waited n waited n waited finally it arrived n we got to the French quarter. We wandered around a little and eventually worked our this was not a normal Sunday night . With a little help from me google we worked out the final four basketball games of college ball were being played here! Now to us college ball might not sound like much but here it’s like a religion probably bigger college sport is serious stuff n attracts possibly more fans then the nbl. So after realizing this we headed for somewhere to eat n ended up at embers for some lovely ribs where we had a great window seat n were able to watch the people n fights that ensued .. All very entertaining 🙂

Then It was bask to our park via a cab as directed by the lovely park lady


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