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And then there were two …

So with the heat gathering in Susie we got up and had some breaky n headed across the street to the bus, we got a connection reasonably quickly n decided to head to city park via the canal street streetcar. We wandered the gardens n sculpture park .. The botanical gardens were closed on a Monday bit of a bummer but not much we could do.

We then headed back into town n by now the party people had awoken climbed out of bed m hit the streets once more meaning the trip along canal took forever! From canal street we hit the st Charles streetcar n went to its end past all the beautiful gardens n homes n university, we did a u turn n headed back to the city.

The streets were so crazy busy even trying to get the trolleys around to just look was ridiculous as they were completely jam packed. So after deciding we may as well give up we headed back into the French quarter n to a few of the sites we hasn’t seen by day n down to the fabulously murky n unappealing Mississippi! We had seen it for the first time after leaving Lafayette but had yet to see it properly in downtown nawlins.

Once back in the city we wandered some of the streets we hadn’t seen last night n also down to the Mississippi. As we were admiring the not so appealing beauty of the mighty river, which let me tell you moves at a bloody quick pace, we passed the ESPN tv crew set up to live outside game day coverage n all the crazy fans trying to get their ugly mugs on tele. ย After getting a glimpse of whoever they were .. Oh yeah we had turned into massive fans .. Not! we had worked out the final was between KU Kansas university n UK university of Kentucky both blue .. A little confusing you bet!!!!! Although the Kentucky fans were outnumbering the jayhawks quite considerably.

It was at about this time we noticed the serious black clouds looming and decided that really was a sign it was time to head to a bar ๐Ÿ™‚ so we headed back to bourbon street to find somewhere to hopefully set up shop for the evening … That ended up being the turtle bay .. N we had a great nite. The bar staff were funny n engaging m even managed to make the loss of satellite signal before the game and a blackout funny.

We met a lovely Kentucky couple who were actually Louisville fans (who had lost the last game n had sold their finals tickets) they were just lovely n so nice to spend the evening with some ‘locals’.

That storm had come thru with some vengeance, the lightning n thunder was quite serious including a small power blackout managed to clear out bourbon street almost completely .. A shame cause I imagine many of the businesses would hav been banking on that income .. So being economically conscious we kept the turtle bay bar going with our bar tab ๐Ÿ™‚

Once the game had finished n Kentucky had won .. As expected … We jumped a cab n headed home to do washing!!! Yep we are full of excitement ๐Ÿ™‚


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